Testimonial / Case Study: "The King of Printers"
“We really needed Parris to rock and roll on this one. As usual, they came through with flying colors and in gold record time.” Advertising Agency in New York, NY

Sometimes you have a huge audience, high expectations, and an opportunity to really strut your stuff. One project we printed for this New York ad agency is a magnificent publication of art — a large and difficult job, requiring a meticulous process to match our proofs to the artists’ original works. This was a top client for their company, and, while they realized it would be difficult to please more than 100 different artists, they wanted the job done perfect and done fast.

The agency needed a crowd pleasing performance, and “Parris proves again to be the King of printers,” says the company’s CEO. “The color and binding is perfect…they come in ahead of schedule and within budget every time.” This New York advertising agency consistently uses Parris Printing for their large and complex jobs, despite having thousands of printers available to them just outside their door, because of what this client calls our “legendary” service and quality.