Parris Printing to the Rescue

Parris Printing is working to meet your style. During the last 20 years, we have continued our commitment to reliability and customer service, but have also been consistently working to build a powerhouse of a printing company. Our multiple and varied presses allow us to handle a number of jobs of virtually any size, shape and level of complexity. Parris has a closet full of printing options for you and your company. Our in-house services of embossing, die-cutting, stitching, folding, handwork options and state-of-the art digital capabilities allow us to compete with any top printer in the region and beyond.

We know your company wardrobe doesn’t consist of all black suits. You may need a print turnaround of heroic proportions or need to create a piece with a lot of “flash.” You may have a marketing piece that is the cornerstone of your company’s growth, or you are simply looking for a printer you can trust.

Whatever the job, Parris Printing offers first class customer service tailored to fit your style. Click here view our Testimonials page.

Testimonial / Case Study: "A Real Hero"
“The turnaround AND quality of this job absolutely saved the day...Parris was a real hero for our client.” Retail Marketing Company, Louisville, KY

A one-week turnaround for a four-component, full color, die-cut, complex printing project could prove difficult for even a superhero. But, when a Louisville, KY retail marketing company called us at 4 pm on the day before Thanksgiving asking for a quote, it was Parris Printing to the rescue. By 6 pm that evening, our client had a quote and a timetable for printing the project. Our super-schedule required that the files arrive first thing Monday morning. Despite the fact that the files arrived a day late, with corrections to be made, we compressed a 2-3 week project into four days and delivered a finished product to our client faster than a speeding bullet. We may not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we ended up a hero for this client — a retailer desperate to get a marketing piece out for the holiday shopping season. And this first-time client now calls on Parris Printing often to “save the day.”